Solve complex problems faster, together.

An open source platform to scale your know how. A network to seamlessly share methods, opportunities and discoveries.

Become part of a movement already accelerating breakthroughs in new medicines, materials, policies, and technologies.

See how
What role do the proteins / antigens discussed in these papers play in causing hair loss?
Results are returned with a graph based correctable audit trail.

Solving complex problems is hard.
We make it possible to capture and share how to solve them.

Increase the capacity of domain experts, and make it easy for anyone that wants progress to happen faster to contribute. The network is developing sharable & automatable "methods" with experts across disciplines, to accelerate research, coordination and resource allocation.

Roadmapping & Tech Trees
Create a research roadmap and align your community.
  • A roadmap / tech tree
Sourcing Researchers
Help the deal flow team find relevant research candidates to fund.
  • Table of researchers
  • Custom outreach emails
Rapid Evidence Collection
Quickly extract key information from research papers.
  • Table of evidence
Proposal Review & Drafting
Create criteria for the AI to review proposals or help with drafting.
  • Drafting assistance
  • Review assistance and proposal score

Methods are made to be compatible with the latest developments in LLMs, Autonomous Agents, and programmatic incentives

Build, to solve faster

The open source coordination network platform makes these methods interoperable, sharable and automatic.

Join us in building the next generation of open source tooling for effective research coordination and resource allocation.

The Node Repository
Enabling new workflows that easily reference and surface information.
Academic Paper Sourcing
Fetching academic papers that can be sourced from in the Editor.
Bounty Distribution
Building on to automatically stream rewards to problem solvers and contributors.
Flow State Interface
Seamlessly bringing in relevant information for every workflow.
Local First Deployment
Enable local deployment  with syncing to the decentralised network.
Interchangeable LLMs
Easily swap out or chain together LLMs to optimise method results.
Autonomous Agents
Integrating autonomous agent frameworks to automate methods and repetitive tasks.
Build with us
Improvement Proposals
Develop Coordination Network Improvement Proposals.
Fund, to build faster

Contributing to humanity’s coordination layer as a public good

We are creating a sustainable funding model that rewards contributors by aligning the network's success with solving problems that matter.

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